Friday, December 22, 2006

Cat Exterminator Finds Ivory-billed Feathers?

Well, if you don't think that the IBWO and Jim Stevenson cat-shooting stories are odd enough on their own, one of our astute readers has posted a link in a comment that shows how those two stories are linked. Apparently, Jim Stevenson found an IBWO nest cavity with feathers in the 1980's.

If you don't believe us, read it for yourself (click on "Winter'06"):

We've try to lay off on the IBWO stuff for a while (there's no need for us spend time on issues that are being fully covered on other sites) but this one was just too good to pass up.

Let the comments fly, this ought to be entertaining.

TINY UPDATE: Well, we're too busy birding (for once, and near an area that actually did have verifiable IBWOs in the 20th century) to actually spend much time on this, but one could speculate that David Pashley might know more about Jim's sightings, which might have occurred near Everett Slough, which might be found on the Florida DeLorme page 48, go to the SW corner and go NE diagonally, it's the second block. Just glad we're not ones running an all-IBWO, all-the-time website. How do you determine just how crazy some of the TBs out there really are? C'mon, is Jim less crazy than, as crazy as, or more crazy than: Mary Scott? Bill Smith? Jesse Gilsdorf? Exactly *how* do you determine how ridiculous a claim must be before you endorse it? Fun fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

Galveston Ornithological Society

Jim and His Concerns Over the Feral Cats
Cat Case:Legal Defense Fund
In early November, Director Jim Stevenson found a lame feral cat that was hunting endangered Piping Plovers (and other Federally protected species) in the sand dunes at San Luis Pass. For many years, Jim has done everything possible to stop the release of cats in this sensitive area, but to no avail. Unable to catch the cat, and knowing that feral cats are not protected by law, he now stands accused of Felony Animal Cruelty in the alleged shooting of this cat.

If you would like to donate to his legal defense fund, please send your contributions to:
Rt. 1 Box 185C
Galveston, TX

Your help is appreciated

Have you donated BINAC?

olivacea said...

Let's see...

The note from the "top" ornithologist who confirmed the identification of the feathers was dated April 2, 1986. The feathers were "recovered" about five months after the tree was presumed to have been toppled by the hurricane of November 21, 1986. The identification was confirmed approximately one year before the feathers were found. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Proving once again that the Yellow-billed is not the only cuckoo in the forest.

Anonymous said...

Can I get my donation back from his defense fund?

Anonymous said...

This story is so wrong on so many levels.

1.) He didn't want recognition for the discovery at the time but now he does?
2.) He didn't feel guilty about keeping silent before but now he feels relief for "telling all"?
3.) He was happy if the species died off in peace by itself but now hopes that Auburn can save the species?
4.) Sighting the Lord God Bird was worth ruining his relationshop with his dad? Huh?
5.) And finally, "oh, please don't think that I want fame or fortune or think that it's about you, the readers. Because it all about me and my guilt that has panged me for all these years". You can throw up now!

When Jim Stevenson goes into the forest, does the truth follow?

Anonymous said...

6.)And those mean ol' republicans were trying to gut the ESA, so "instead of losing control of the situation" I decided to do nothing and to tell no one. Huh?

Does that make sense to anyone living on planet earth other than Mary Scott, believer in Ivory-bill psychics?

Anonymous said...

for Noel's info the Hurricane Kate date is a typo -- it occurred on Nov.21, 1985.

olivace said...

anonymous posted...
"for Noel's info"

I've all ways found "anonymous" to be a credible source of accurate information (cough, cough).

Anonymous said this. Anonymous said that.

If you want to question me, please provide a non-anonymous name, email address, on-screen name, cell number.

Noel Wamer
(sorry, no cell pone number)
I never give out to out to kooks.


Dorban said...

The question no one is addressing is "why?" -- why would a longstanding birder of Stevenson's stature and respect risk his reputation with a story made up out of thin air???

Anonymous said...

The question no one is addressing is "why?"

The question is not "why?". The question is "why not?"

Why not, you ask? Because attention hounds are apt to do and say just about anything. And why not?

( I proudly sign this Anonymous. So sue me)

Bill Pulliam said...

I think y'all might oughta give some thought to the possibility that this mighy be an "Onion"-style bit of humor... I hate to think that the talent for sarcasm, satire, and wit belongs only to the Dark Side...

Anonymous said...

Ok, Bill, but I find that people are more likely to be profound nuts than profound wits.

I'm betting on the former in this case.