Monday, August 20, 2007

Midwest Frigatebird Alert!

Here is a very interesting post to IN-BIRD from one of Indiana's most knowledgeable birders, Ken Brock:

FRIGATEBIRD (SEABIRD) ALERT. Tom Skilling, Chicago's crack meteorologist, has drawn parallels between hurricane Gilbert (1988) and hurricane Dean (currently approaching Cancun). Gilbert went ashore on 17 September and, according to Skilling, remnants of the storm reached Lake Michigan on 20 September. During the interval 25 September to 4 October a number of Frigatebirds (perhaps a half-dozen) were seen across the Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana).

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Robert Hilton said...

On the other hand Gilbert was larger, I think slower, and took a more northerly course across Mexico than Dean. It was also much stronger at second Mexican landfall than Dean will be. With the southerly course, there is a lower likelihood that Dean's remains will curve to the north and reach the Great Lakes.