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OK, we're bored, so here is an entertaining post from TEXBirds about Jim Stevenson being banned

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Jim Stephenson's disappearance---> Texbird help file <---

While people are discussing their attitudes about Texbirds, there'ssomething I'd like to say about a topic that I have been learning somethingabout. It is the matter of Jim Stephenson being banned from Texbirds for'threatening' Susan Schaezler. Maybe other people are scared of either Mr.Sarkozi or Ms. Schaezler, and afraid to speak up, but I think this needs tobe said.

I have spoken to Jim at length, verified his claims, and whilereceiving no pressure to place this on Texbirds from him, when my postoffice box gets invaded by her poison, it's time to speak up. Jim seems tohave adopted a disturbingly ambivalent attitude about this, and says hisassistant posts relevant GOS information. What doesn't get posted, though,is his occasional commentaries on Texas birds.

This whole mess began on what was apparently an otherwise great Alaskantrip, with problems with Susan Schaezler. I don't want to go into that, butshe came away from the trip claiming to have dental work required.Participants tell me there was no cause for this, she brought a tooth repairkit with her, and they feel any dental issues likely preceded the trip. ThatJim had four cracked ribs (as she reported to Texbirds without hispermission), it seems unlikely his driving hit too many bumps, andparticipants certainly deny he did. According to Jim, she wanted to make a claim against their carinsurance in Alaska, but he didn't wish to be complicit in insurance fraud.Upon making that decision, Susan did what she has done before; make personaland professional attacks. Jim pointed this one out to

A quick Google of her willreveal a sad past of such attacks. I discovered several attacks she made against Jim on Texbirds, of whichMr. Sarkozi seemed oblivious. Worse, she began sending 'adjusted' clippingsabout him out of newspapers to many people who knew him, often under thealias of "Alex Jones." She is also feeding any dirt she can find on him tothe prosecutor in the infamous cat case we are not supposed to discuss. Butwhen I received a letter from her, that made it my business.

How did she have my address you ask? While Jim was taking Alaskaparticipants on long walks, Susan always stayed behind, and apparently shedownloaded all GOS addresses from his laptop to hers! She hasn't even deniedit! Isn't that illegal??

While her July attacks were going on, Jim called a lady he saw listedon Google named Merl Jeffcoat, who has a positive relationship with Susan.He saw some bird he felt was worth reporting to Texbirds, and mentioned thathe had been talking to her. That was his last Texbird post. Susan claimedto Mr. Sarkozi that Merl was an adversary, which threatened her, and Mr.Sarkozi took Susan's word for it and banned Jim. The truth is, SS and Merlare now FRIENDS, so all this threatening stuff is a lot of crud.

With all the attacks Susan made against Jim, and with how subtly Jimfinally responded, I think David kicked the wrong person off Texbirds.

For myself, I have had enough of Texbirds. Jim's suggestion on a GOSfield trip actually got me on in the first place, and I don't want to be apart of it anymore.

B SmithHouston

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Anonymous said...

She reminds me of another idiot--Axolotyl--who gets his kicks out of attacking others. Unprovoked. Without conscience or mercy.