Thursday, February 23, 2006

White Pileated and other tidbits from Cornell

Tom Nelson just pointed out that Cornell now has a page up on "white" Pileateds.

"Ivory-ish" Pileated

That really is a stunning bird. Note that there is also a photo of another abnormal Pileated taken in 2006 by David Luneau. A couple of observations:

1) We still have more photos of abnormal Pileateds than we do of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers;

2) These photos are from 2006, so we know Cornell is at least trying to be more "current" with the info it releases (we can probably assume from this that Cornell does not have any recent photos of an IBWO); and

3) This article confirms that the search seems to be focusing on the White River N.W.R. (the photo was taken by a volunteer "90 km south" of where the Luneau video was filmed.) The two volunteers involved are Sonny Bass and Keith Brady. A quick Google search reveals that Bass appears to be a ranger in the Dry Tortugas (cool job!!!) and Brady is a well-known bird photographer.

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