Friday, October 13, 2006

BINAC Beats Blizzard...

...well, not really, but close. And we've been itchin' to use that title since about August, anyway.

There is a lot we have wanted to write about lately (a timely comment even alerted us to the reappearance of Mr. Guppy!!!), but it's been busy. We just barely escaped from da UP before the predicted two feet of snow. The storm seemed to have disintegrated a bit, but was still a big enough threat for us to cancel some plans and cut the trip short. At least there were a few birds behind the hotel before the storm hit, including a nice little flock of Purple Finches. Yeah, those aren't uncommon birds for you North Woods types, but as far as we're concerned, any day we see a "winter finch" is a good day.

This weekend we're back to parts unknown in Florida and Internet access will again be sketchy until at least Monday. Maybe we'll be in da UP next week, or maybe at Hawk Ridge, who knows?

A couple people have asked us to spill the beans early on the Mike's Soap Box thing; Mike has asked us to not print a few things that he told us about in private, and we will respect his wishes and will not reprint what he told us here. However, Mike really only added some details to what we had already heard, there is plenty about the whole affair from other reliable sources (public and private), so we'll finesse this thing a bit to get our loyal readers (both of them) the scoop.


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birdchick said...

Holy Cow!

BINAC has been the first victim of binocular trolling spam! I wonder how soon it will hit the other biridng blogs?

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cynically yours said...

Yeah, binoculars fan; where do you think you'll get by having a site that simply advertises binoculars?

Make up some sh1t about seeing a bird that doesn't even f**king exist anymore. Try to suggest on your blog that you're a serious birder, even if you come across as a complete retard who knows nothing about birding. I'm surprised nobody thought of this before.

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised nobody thought of this before."

Now that has got to hurt.

You forgot one thing. Your website should say all birders are geeks except you. That will definitely sell more binoculars.

birdchick said...

At the very least it increases your traffic.


birdchick said...

I'm not opposed to people getting paid to write a blog, it's nice work if you can get it. I am oppposed to people writing boring sales blogs without any other interesting features.