Monday, July 18, 2005

America's Birdiest City/County 2005 Results!

Courtesy of Phil Pryde of San Diego Audubon, here are the results from this year's ABC/C contest. Chicago did pretty well, Cook County did not, maybe next year the person organizing things for Chicago/Cook Co. will do a better job! All comments below are from Phil:

Results of the America’s Birdiest City and County Competition for 2005!

Here are the results of the 2005 competition for the title of America’s Birdiest City and America’s Birdiest County. Congratulations to the top tallyers in each category!

Category City/County Species identified:

Large Coastal City Corpus Christi, TX 237
Large Inland City Chicago, IL 163
Small Coastal City Dauphin Island, AL 188
Small Inland City Duluth, MN 166
Inland Eastern County St. Louis County, MN 202
Inland Western County Kern County, CA 224
Coastal Gulf Coast County Nueces County, TX 237
Coastal Atlantic County Kings County, NY 169
Coastal Pacific County Monterey, CA 250
Coastal Pacific County San Diego, CA 251

A note of explanation is perhaps needed for listing two California coastal counties in the Coastal County category. As you can see, the results were extremely close, but more significantly, Monterey County elects to use stricter criteria for listing their species for the competition than is required by the ABC/C rules. Their desire to do so is respected, but it seems reasonable to assume that had they used the latter rules, they would have achieved at least one additional species, perhaps more, thereby finishing ahead of San Diego. Thus, it was felt fair to acknowledge Monterey as the Birdiest County in the “stricter rules” category. A tip of the hat is also due Los Angeles County, which finished a very close third at 247. We would especially like to point out and congratulate new entrant Dauphin Island, Alabama, the birdiest small city in America for 2005! And now that you’ve returned from a quick trip to your Atlas to find out where Dauphin Island is located, you also know that it’s a great place to find trans-Gulf migrants in spring. Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce, get ready! And we’d like to acknowledge two other first time entrants who finished high in their category. Oceanside, CA took second place in the Small Coastal City category, and Washington County, ME (our first Maine entrant) came in third in the Atlantic Coastal County division. And again we salute North Bay, Ontario, once again our Canadian champion at 154 species! We know that many entrants combine this competition with a fund-raising effort on behalf of local birding or nature study programs, and we hope you all realized great success in those efforts as well. Also, we hope that you all can use your results to help promote habitat conservation activities in your local communities.

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