Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dog owners unite!

We here at BINAC focus much of our attention on birds, but we love animals of all sorts...squirrels, feral cats, and especially unleashed dogs that playfully frolic on Chicago's delightfully clean and shorebird-free beaches.

So from time to time we will offer advice that will be of interest to the legions of dog-, cat-, and squirrel-owners that are reading this blog.

Today's tip is designed to help dog owners fight a new proposed City of Chicago permit fee. It is important that all dog owners unite behind this cause! The City (at the prompting of Cook County) is planning on forcing our dog-loving friends to make sure that their pets actually have all of their shots before cavorting in one of Chicago's lovely and fresh-smelling dog parks. This is outrageous, and discriminates against both rabid dogs and rabid dog-owners! Why, if every person in the City that runs their dog at Montrose Beach has to pay the $35 permit fee, there will be destitute Lincoln Parkers wandering the streets with their sad and pitiful dogs. Literally thousands of Jettas will fall into disrepair, due to lack of funds for maintenance and cleaning.

Even worse, John Barleycorn might go out of business!

So if you live in Chicago, and own a dog --especially if you let that dog playfully run free at some of the City's underused natural areas! -- here is what you can do if you're unhappy about the new fee: Take your dog --make sure it's leashed!--, walk outside, and tie the other end of your dog's leash to the bumper of the next truck headed out-of-town.

This public service message has been brought to you by BINAC.

Please feel free to copy this advice and pass it out to the owner of the next unleashed dog you see at Montrose Beach or Northerly Island.

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