Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pitta Patter

Tropical Birding (I should add them to the links section, now that I think of it) is a great birding company that runs tours all over the world. Several loyal BINACers (even better, "BINACians") have gone on tours with TB, and two well-known Illinois birders have recently been added to the TB staff and will be leading tours for TB all over the world. Yours truly even went on a great (but too short!) TB trip to Tandayapa Bird Lodge in Ecudaor this past spring.
So I really get a kick out of seeing the photos that some of the TB guides post to Surfbirds and other places.

Anyone who has birded Latin America should check out this amazing story (with some stunning photos) about several tame pittas that are currently being seen at a location that is accessible to TB. Simply incredible: Perfect Pittas

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