Saturday, January 28, 2006

Does this BINAC bunch go birding anymore?

Well, lately, no, although British Steve just got back from Guatemala, and maybe he'll let us post some of his photos (including Horned Guan) here in a few days.

After traveling all over and being out of town for work for a couple of weeks, I needed a bit of time to decompress and take care of some administrative details (birthday, Internet problems, broken refrigerator, electrical short, etc etc) here at Casa de BINAC. It seems like everything I have touched in the last three months has broken. I also finally made the switch over to high-speed Internet so that I can upload photos (I couldn't even upload a standard photo on my old dial-up) from home, but, like everything else in this modern world, that caused almost as many problems as it solved. The immediate effect of switching all over my services over to RCN (local cable company with a rep for bad service) was that I had no sound on any of my 100 new tv channels, I could not receive incoming phone calls, could not set up my voice mail, and could send -- but not receive -- e-mail. It took me about a week, in which time none of my e-mails to RCN have been answered, but I have fixed (myself, of course) everything except the outgoing e-mail glitch. So we will hopefully be back on track soon.

Anyway, that stuff is all pretty boring, the real question is "When are we gonna see some birding action?" The answer is, very soon. I'm back in Florida on Friday, where I hope to do a "Big Day" to help the lads over in Korea. (More on that later). There are a few non-field posts that will be up this week, and I have just finished planning trips to the East Coast, Southern California, and Minnesota. Not all birding trips per se, but have Swarovski, will travel, as I like to say.

So stay tuned.

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