Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We're not sure what's worse, Binoculars spam or IBWO spam...

Here is the *absolutely critical* info that was posted four times on a thread below.

We're not even sure if this comment is legit or not, but if it is...Bobby, c'mon man, you need to get some better help for this foundation of yours.

Pls. send back a ‘got it’And share this message in your newsletter and in your e-mail lists
Introducing theIvory-billed Woodpecker Foundation
The hope for the ivory-bill!
Because“Second Chances are extremely rare.”“
Deep in the bayou,through thethicknessof the mist,The long, lost ivory-bill,thought to be extinct, has been re-discovered; And a Foundationhas been born to care for it.”© nh.
Our Mission
For the locating, recovery, protection, management, preservation and conservation of Ivory-billed woodpeckers; through scientific research and documentation; and the education of the general public. This is a non-profit organization,all contributions are Tax Exempt.The Ivory-billed WoodpeckerThe most endangered bird species in this country.
On February 27, 2004, Bobby Harrison, of Huntsville, Alabama and Tim Gallagher of Ithaca, New York, rediscovered the magnificent ivory-billed woodpecker, long believed to be extinct in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas. This was after more than 60 years since last confirmed sighting of the species in the United States by two qualified searchers. Their own quest culminated in this miraculous find after spending more than 30 years of researching and following leads.
The rediscovery has produced waves of excitement in the world of conservation and beyond. It has been hailed by ornithologists, birders, conservation organizations and the media as a Victory for Nature; and highlights the need to preserve the world’s critical habitats. Rediscovering the ivory-billed woodpecker, long thought to be extinct, provides a rare SECOND CHANCE to save a species
Please donate.You are the hope of the ivory-billed woodpecker!You are cordially invited to attend the Inaugural Celebration Galaon Saturday, February 24, 2007in Huntsville, AL at 6:00 PM.
For additionalGala and contribution informationplease contact:Pam White@256-883-1199Cassandra Decoux@256-830-0738 (pm only)Norma Harrison @ 256-776-2003 or 256-651-8466www.ivory-billedwoodpeckerfoundation.orgor email:


Anonymous said...

When I typed in the url for the "foundation", I couldn't get anything to come up.

Wonder where the "gala" is going to be held?

Let me guess, the backroom/parking lot of some half-assed country BBQ joint.

Bill Pulliam said...

Well, you can moderate your comments and be subjected to legal threats over their content, or you can leave them unmoderated and get spammed. These seem to be the options in this world.

Anonymous said...


What the heck are you talking about? I'm worried about you, man.

Bill Pulliam said...

Push BINAC to tell the rest of the Mike's Soapbox story...

Anonymous said...

Hey BINAC, when are you going to tell us the rest of the Mike's Soapbox story?

You said you would.

Come on, BINAC, details please.

Anonymous said...

From my comment on the Mike's Soapbox R.I.P. post:

"...behind the scenes deal with Noel Wamer's attorney...? Inquiring minds want to know."

Clearly I hit a little closer to home than I had imagined.

Anonymous said... Mike H. outs olivacea as Noel Wamer (he admitted it on BIRDFORUM), and a lawyer gets involved and the blog shuts down?

I can understand to some extent. Let's say Noel worked for some agency involved in the IBWO mess. If he is now unmasked, his employers could go back and check when he posted to birdforum, and if it was during work hours, it may affect his position (if they have a policy against non-work-related internet use). So yes, outing people that wish to be anonymous is probably wrong.

Anonymous said...

ignore that last comment. I just did some googling and the only 'outing' I can find of Noel is by Mike Collins on BIRDFORUM.

Bill Pulliam said...

Back to Bobby, he was a guest this morning on "What d'ya Know?" live on the road in Huntsville AL

Anonymous said...

Re: Bobby Harrison on the "Whad'Ya Know?" radio show. Seems appropriate since the tag line to that is "Not Much."

Anonymous said...

I listened to the show yesterday (Saturday). They interviewed some guy from a barbeque restaurant. When asked Is there anything that has never been barbegued that you would like to try he answered "Yeah, there's this woodpecker..."