Sunday, January 28, 2007

Surfbirds MIA?

Anybody know what happened to We've had a couple of e-mails on it already, the site seems to be down completely.

Is it site maintenance, hacking, or what?


Anonymous said...

That is messed up. It looks like it was hacked. Some stupid junk about windows... That SUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Their news groups disappeared about two days ago.
Everything else held up. Fresh photos were posted
early today. Then everything went down. Something like this happened about a year ago.

Siler's site goes goofy every now and then too.

When they find the roll of Duck tape under the pile
of old fish and chips containers the site will go back up.

birdchick said...

It could be what happened to my site last fall when the server hosting it went corrupt. I remember that after twenty four hours a similar page showed up advertising other general birding sites. That was agony for me.

Hopefully it won't take as long for Surfbirds to get back up and running. Took me a week.

Anonymous said...

Its been hacked , they wont switch it back on until they have checked it out.If you went on surfbirds on sunday run a check you nay have got an advert virus of them

Anonymous said...

You can still access your email at:

don't add the www.

I can still access my mail there!

anything begginning with won't work!

brdpics said...

Surfbirds had this message posted this morning (Sat. 2/3): Sounds like they should be up and running soon. I'll bet the Brits have a flood of Pac Loon pics queued up to go- I take it from Tom McKinney's birding diary that they have enjoyed one as their first...

Hello fellow Surfbirder. We've missed you.

We apologise for any inconvenience whilst Surfbirds has been down for the past week. The server was compromised by a hacker last Sunday January 28th 2007 at 7:59PM GMT (11:59AM PST, 2:59PM EST). Within half an hour, we had shut the server down. However, during that interval, the hacker had managed to corrupt the majority of the pages on the site with advertising code. If you visited Surfbirds during that half hour, you may have encountered pop up ads etc. This same hacker has hit a number of sites this past week and we have been collaborating with those webmasters to see if any of our users would have been exposed to spyware etc in those pop up ads. So far, it seems that it was clean code. However, some users have said that their virus checkers have recently discovered spyware. We don't know if this came from the Surfbirds hacker or not but we recommend any of our users who visited the site on Sunday (during the above timeframe) to run a disc check for viruses and spyware. You can never be too safe. We also feel it would be irresponsible for us to open the site until we have double and triple-checked the server to be sure that it is absolutely safe for our users. We hope you understand the importance of making sure we run a safe site and, again, we apologise for the inconvenience.

We hope to see you back here very soon!

Tony Morris said...

Surfbirds is still down, just checked at 9.30 GMT.

Anonymous said...

I hate those hackers... shit. how long it takes to rebuild the website?? and to get the site REALLY safe? /Ernest aka gladan

Piensa Luego Ama said...

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