Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey, whatever happened to...?

...that guy who killed the cats in Galveston? You know, Jim Stevenson?

Well, apparently he's been indicted for killing thos darn cats, even though no one owned the cat he did or didn't kill, and it's not against the law in Texas to shoot a cat that isn't a pet.

We sorta dropped Jim's case after he posted his "I saw an Ivory-billed" story, but we think he's done his penance, he shouldn't have to go to jail to repent for the error of his ways.

So we're back on the case.

Look out, Tejas, time for us to get all Deguello on Galveston's ass.

(That sounded better in our head than when we actually typed it.)


Bird Advocate said...

One of the things I've stressed when discussing this case with local citizens is the bridge employee who admitted attracting destructive feral animals to the county facility. That puts a spin on it I'm sure he didn't consider before he attracted so much attention.

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Well, it's also a waste of taxpayer funds and arguably a violation of federal law if those cats killed protected birds.

So the question is, why does this guy still have a job???