Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do *Not* Read This Blog!!!

OK, sometimes when we disappear for a while, we come back with some lame excuse like we were working really hard, or travelling too much, or had to watch too much television. This time we don't have a lame excuse, we have a great one -- we've been out birding!!!

So here is some advice that you will probably never see on those other birding blogs: Stop reading this blog and get outside and go birding! If you live just about anywhere in North America, the only reason you should be reading or commenting on this blog during daylight hours right now is if you have a broken leg or you're at work. If you don't, you should be out birding! We don't care if it's slow right now, slow birding is better than no birding. (Hey, a new slogan!)

If you want to stop by at night, or before sunrise, that's fine, but we will be very disappointed if you're reading during the day!!! Unless, as we mentioned, you're a sap who is stuck working this week like we are. A lot of Chicago-area birders take a week or two off from work right about this time every year to bird people still do that in other places, too?


Patrick B. said...

I know a guy who takes off the first week of May and just birds Sandy Hook, NJ. He always finds great stuff.

birdchick said...

Thanks for this post.

This makes me feel way less guilty about only doing updates at night and in the morning.

Odd thing is, you are doing more posts than usual in the last few days...does hardcore migration cause you to post more?? Is that the source of power of the mighty BINAC?