Wednesday, June 20, 2007

America's Birdiest City Results!!!

Here they are:

Hello to all ABC/C contestants,
The results are in and have been counted for the 2007 America's Birdiest City/County competition, which had 19 entrants. I want to congratulate everyone who participated and helped keep this competition going. I would like to especially thank Phil Pryde for having the insight and inspiration to start this contest. He realized there was a niche to be filled in the birding world for a contest that can be competitive without being bogged down with formalities. It's also a great pr / marketing tool as everyone already knows.
I would also like to thank everyone for having patience with me in my first year as coordinator. Before I announce the winners I would like to mention that in the case of dividing the country between east and west I used a map of the migration flyways, with Atlantic and Mississippi flyways being east and Central and Pacific flyways being west. I hope this has not put anyone in a different category than you had previously been in. Now, let's get down to business....
Here are this year's winners:
Large Coastal City:Corpus Christi TX- 240
Small Coastal City:Dauphin Island AL- 203
Large Inland City:San Antonio TX- 179
Small Inland City:Duluth MN- 162
Inland County East:St. Louis County MN- 198
Inland County West:Kern County CA- 235
Coastal County Atlantic Coast:Washington County ME- 160
Coastal County Gulf Coast:Nueces County TX- 254
Coastal County Pacific Coast:Los Angeles County CA- 272
Congratulations again to everyone. I hope you all had fun and will participate again next year. We are planning to put the complete results on the Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries web site, so check with them soon.
Until then,Good Birding!

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