Sunday, November 18, 2007

What the *FUCK* is the Wisconsin Humane Society doing???

OK, now that Jim Stevenson has been freed (through no help from us, we sort of abandoned him, but we'll take credit anyway), the Mango is next on our list.

We were checking out some updated versions of stories on the Mango's birdnapping and found some bizarre quotes from our Moron of the Week, Scott Diehl:

"The Wisconsin Humane Society has rehabilitated baby mockingbirds from Texas and infant ground doves from Florida that ultimately were returned to their home states..."

Where, exactly, did the WHS get an "infant ground dove" from? And baby mockingbirds from "Texas"? What kind of mockingbird would have to be released in Texas? You certainly wouldn't have to release a Northern Mocker that far south. (And please don't fucking tell us Blue Mockingbird, because if the WHS is releasing Blue Mockingbirds in Texas, they have got a lot of 'splaining to do.)

According to some comments floating out there at various places on the 'net (including Sheri Williamson's blog), the WHS has also in the past captured Rufous Hummingbirds.

What the fuck are they doing up there in Wisconsin? Seriously, has the WHS really been capturing multiple vagrants over the past few years? Under what permit were they capturing Rufous Hummingbirds? Because those are clearly protected by the MBTA, right?

Still no response from the Wisconsin DNR.

And no response from the gutless wonders at the Wisconsin Humane Society. They seem to have "lawyered up."

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Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to send these clowns a link to the "Cats Indoors" program.

One thing that scares me about people like this is that they get identified with conservationists. The last baggage the conservation movement needs is a group like this or like PETA.