Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl of birding: Rained out?

Well, I was going to do a Big Day, Birdathon, Birdwatch, whatever you want to call it, this weekend to raise some money for a good cause. (Actually, I like the name "Super Bowl of Birding," even though that name has already been used by some other birding groups.) I was even (coincidentally) planning on going to one of the best wildlife refuges in the United States.

However, three problems have come up: 1) I did absolutely no planning whatsoever; 2) My flight was late and I just got in, so an early start tomorrow is doubtful; and 3) It's raining like hell right now. So we'll see what happens.

Two quick notes: First, check out the AZ birding list, a probable Brown-chested Martin was sighted in SE AZ today.

Second, I saw a Great Blue Heron hunting a small pond tonight after midnight. I know that Night-herons hunt at night (obviously) but this is the first time I've seen a GBH hunting in the dark.

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