Sunday, February 12, 2006

Two new yard birds

I have a very interesting yard list. My building is the one one the left side of the photo, the white building with the large brownish box on top, it is in the background a bit. My best yard bird is (was?) probably Snowy Owl.

Well, upon my return from Florida, I added two new yard birds: Northern Cardinal, and....ta-da...Harlequin Duck!

Living along Chicago's lakefront, I don't see a lot of Cardinals in the area, so seeing one in the bushes alongside my driveway on Friday was a treat. And I finally got to see 2 (of the 4) Harlequin Ducks that have been hhanging out right under my nose for the last couple of days. Sweet. Well, technically, I might be bending the rules on the Harleys, they are visible from my building, and my building is visible when viewing them, so...I need to spend some more time on my roof to make sure I really do see them before they head north.

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Anonymous said...

Congrat ulations Ken for getting the Harlequins on your 'yard' list. That's a species we can never aspire to in our yard
Bob & Karen