Sunday, March 12, 2006

Countability of New Mexico Yellow Grosbeak

Well, I have been chilling out (actually, warming up) at Casa de Binac a Celebration for a couple of days. Didn't really get a chance to do any birding this trip; I pretty much worked during the day, and went to see a few World Baseball Classic games at night. Tonight I finally heard one of the local Barred Owls from the back patio -- yard bird, cha-ching!!!!

Anyway, we have had some nice comments lately on a few "rare-bird" type issues, so I thought I'd throw out a new topic for discussion.

There has been a Yellow Grosbeak in New Mexico that has been seen by many birders in the last couple of weeks. Has anyone reading this site gone to see it? Is this bird going to be deemed "wild" by the New Mexico rare birds committee??? Why isn't it a "presumed escapee"? I bring this issue up because someone has recently noted that this bird has some odd feather wear (along with a few other abnormalities) that might indicate a captive origin.

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