Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Polls close at 11:59 pm Central

OK, I have kept the Mike Collins/IBWO poll up for a long time, and I am finally going to close it out late tonight or early tomorrow morning. So, in that fine Chicago tradition, stuff the ballot box while you can. There has been a late surge in favor of IBWO, but the results are still pretty spread out.

Not sure what the next poll will be, but I am open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

How about "Most annoying thing about birding listservers". My vote is for people that post sightings of highly desired vagrants they saw 3 weeks ago! If they can't deem to post in a timely fashion, they should save it for the quarterly journal!

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Right on, brother!

Or how about the people that post a rare bird, and then say that the rarity is on private property and no one can see it....except, of course, for a few of their close friends, who have already been taken to see the bird!

I heard that a British birder did this one time...they later found him brutally murdered, stabbed dozens of times with the business-end of a handle from a Bogen tripod.