Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Breaking News: New Treasury Secretary is a Birder!!!

President Bush today formally (it has been rumored for some time) nominated Henry M. Paulson Jr. to replace John Snow as treasury Secretary. The best part of this nomination is that Paulson is apparently one of us--he's a birder!!!! Check out this snippet from the wire article:

Paulson was known on Wall Street for his dedicated support of environmental causes. Earlier this year, he made a gift of $100 million in Goldman stock to a family foundation dedicated to conservation and environmental education. Even after that gift, Paulson has a net worth estimated at more than $500 million.
Paulson, who was known to favor bird-watching in New York's Central Park to playing golf, is chairman of the Nature Conservancy and the chairman emeritus of the Peregrine Fund.
Hoorah! We have quite a few NYC readers, can anyone out there confirm that Paulson is truly a birder? I have heard other people tell me in the past that the Chairman of Goldman Sachs (ie Paulson) was a birder but I want first-hand info.

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