Thursday, May 11, 2006

WANTED: Link to Original Sparling IBWO Sighting

Even though I have made a conscious effort to stay away from the main IBWO/Cornell debate, there are still a few things that interest me, that I have not yet seen addressed elsewhere.

The Cornell IBWO lore has it that Gene Sparling first posted his sighting on a local canoe club bulletin board. I remember how excited I was last April about the IBWO, and I tried to find the original post at the canoe club site (can't remember the web address) and couldn't find it.

So, as doubts increase about the whole Arkansas episode, I am just wondering: can anyone out there provide me with a link (or Google cache) to Sparling's original post? Not something from a press account that "quotes" his post, but a link to his actual, original post.

Shouldn't be that hard to find, right? Which is why I am puzzled that I haven't been able to find it...

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Anonymous said...

According to the Arkansas Times and the Memphis Flyer it was originally posted in at the Arkansas Canoe Club sight. But a search there was fruitless for me:

Let us know if you find it.