Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mr. Guppy Threatens to go the the Yahoo Police!!!

Whine, whine whine...


Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 23:45:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: "franks william"

Subject: Re: IBWO sites
To: "a b"

I am formally asking you to not e-mail me or I will
report you to yahoo as a harasser. If you continue to
slander me on yuor "blog" then I will seek action
against you.

I have done nothing to you, I have not engaged you and
yet you seem to like to mock me and attack me.

This will cease now.



Anonymous said...

If one suffers from paranoid delusions and a persecution complex, what better way to indulge them than to post (a) a blurry thumbnail with no details, then (b) a picture of a pretty lousy ivorybill model stuffed in an unnatural pose in a scrub oak, all with strange information that doesn't really add up, and then start howling and rending your garments about the cruelties of the world and how terribly misunderstood and victimized you are?

Bill Pulliam said...

From my own correspondence with the Guppy:

'I see no reason to go on here,,,you either accept or
you don't."

Revealed truth, acceptance on faith, not to be questioned.

Where have I heard that before?

Mike's Soap Box said...



Tom Nelson

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...



Mr. G[censored]y's attorney

Anonymous said...

Man, that would be so cool if he took legal action against you. Then we could watch him in court trying to prove that he's not really a loony hoaxer and his picture is not a really a shot of a badly painted hunk of balsawood taken at a range of 5 feet with a $30 WalMart camera. That would be so much fun!

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Not sure I would call it "cool" but it sure would be entertaining.

I think this is the second time someone has threatened legal action over this blog, maybe the third time's the charm?

Lucky for me the courts waaay up north in chilly Minnesota where I live (not!) still consider truth to be an absolute defense to slander lawsuits.

birdchick said...


you might as well move to Minnesota, that's where all the cool birding bloggers are. Don't let the uncool ones that live here discourage you.

Bill Pulliam said...

Well I guess when spring migration is the last week of June, the nesting season is three days in July, and the fall migration runs from August 3-8, ya gotta fill the rest of the year SOMEHOW!