Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Put the Orioles Back Into the Cage!

There have been some very interesting birds reported from a pretty small area in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky recently. Specifically, a Bullock's Oriole, a Scott's Oriole, and finally, an *Audubon's* Oriole. Here are some photos of the Scott's that was found in Kentucky:


People are already starting to grumble a bit about feather wear and a foot infection that the Audubon's supposedly has. So, what do you think? Did this unprecedented Oriole invasion happen naturally, or is someone in New Albany letting their caged birds loose? It seems like a pretty big coincidence, but then again, how many people are keeping Audubon's Orioles in Indiana? (According to ISIS, none, but that obviously only includes "legal" birds.)


Anonymous said...

I think you have to start by excluding the Bullock's. There clearly a solid, extensive pattern of them occurring in the winter to the west of their normal range. Is there a lower 48 state that doesn't have a record? Scott's Oriole also has an interesting, and somewhat overlooked, pattern of records into the upper midwest--either as spring overshoots or as winter feeder birds. The Audubon's is the only one that strikes me as suspicious. It's one of those that just make shake your head. However, there is a good overall pattern of southern orioles into the midwest. This includes at least one Streak-backed, multiple Scott's, and multiple Hooded. I guess it comes down to what is more likely--that this bird is a new addition to that greater oriole pattern or that someone is illegally keeping Audubon's Orioles in cages. I would vote for the former. Should be interesting to see what their RC does with it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Delaware does not have any Bullock's records. Maryland and Virginia each have one record, I believe. A lot of reports, including one from the 60s or 70s in Maryland, have recently been reanalyzed and shown to be Baltimores.

Anonymous said...

There's a gorgeous adult male Scott's Oriole that's been at a feeder in southern Pennyslvania for the last couple of days (Feb. 20 & 21). I haven't seen it but hope I can soon.

Carolyn H said...

A Scott's oriole was seen in southern Pa. this week. More than a few people have speculated that it might be the same bird as the one seen in Kentucky. I don't know but it was great to see!

Carolyn H.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Scott's Oriole in Kentucky was a female?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how there can be ANY speculation that the PA Scott's Oriole and the KY Scott's are the same bird. The PA bird is an adult male and the KY bird is an immature female. Also, the Bullock's Oriole in Indiana represents a first state record if accepted.