Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Smooth-billed Ani--Finally YES!!!! and our Hero of the Day!

Have you spent countless hours at the Ft. Lauderdale cell phone lot? Have you driven up and down Perimeter Road around the airport dozens of times in a single day? Well, we have, numerous times, and it finally paid off:

OK, so we know it's just a Smooth-billed Ani, but it's an American-born and raised SB Ani, and that's the key. The bird shown here was part of a group of four Anis seen near the Ft. Lauderdale airport yesterday at about 4:00. While this group of birds is probably not the only family group of SB Anis left in the U.S., it appears to be the only group that is re-findable, at least on an irregular basis.

We dipped on the Western Spindalis, but that particular bird may be around to chase for a while, and they do show up in Florida from time to time anyway.

Regular readers know that our pet peeve is out-of-town birders who travel to other places and don't timely report rare birds they claim to have seen. So it's time to give credit where credit is due: Three cheers to our Hero of the Day:

Birder Michael Smith from Gardiner Maine!

Hip-hip, Hooray!

Hip-hip, Hooray!!

Hip-hip, HOORAY!!!

Michael and his group posted their results from a short trip to Florida on the local listserve, and they the following directions to a slightly new spot for the Anis:

SMOOTH-BILLED ANI - 4 found along Old Griffon Rd near the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. There is a small scrubby "field" along this road where a power line comes through, with huge power poles in it. The anis were in this field, check in the shrubby growth and palms on the corners.

And that's exactly where we found them, right behind a large warehouse just off of Old Griffon (or is it Griffen?) Road.


Jochen said...

I'm sorry but that just won't do, as nice as it may be:
Where's the pic of the Western Spindalis?

Anonymous said...

Hell with your Smooth billed Anis! I want a blog about that red hair elderly lady that bought a shot gun and killed a Northern Cardinal!! See Newsweek on MSNBC for the story. I laughed when I saw the photo of the woman holding the shot gun and the story was very entertaining, it reminded me of Jim shooting down a feral cat in Texas.

I guided a birder who lives in Florida during the winter and he tried many times for the Western Spindalis and missed it several times and also the Anis.

Keep warm


Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Yeah, we're still mad about missing the Western Spindalis, but sometimes you just don't see the bird.

MH, good to hear from you again, we were up in Minny two weekends ago and it was a bit chilly, were hoping to be warmed up by a Slaty-backed Gull but no such luck.

We're back up North again but we're currently at a spot where a Gyr has been seen recently so maybe the thought of seeing one of those will keep us warm.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck on the Gyr and the Slaty-backed sounds like is back over on Blackdog Lake. The Duluth Gyr is tough to find and not as reliable despite the posting in the Duluth RBA transcript last week. I seen it once and several birders in the last few weeks struck out too! You are in the best place in the state to find one!

Good luck friend!