Monday, November 21, 2005

A Brief Update...

I have been busy and therefore a bit slow with the blogging lately, I have a few more ideas that I would like to get posted but I'm not sure that will happen before Turkey Day.

One reason I have been so busy is that I just bought a ticket to do a last-minute birding trip over Thanskgiving. Actually, it's only a half-birding trip; Because I can't really justify the time or the expense of where I'm going based on the relativelty small number of species I will see, I'll throw in some shopping and some general sightseeing. My hope is that I will get in four half-days (ie mornings) of birding, which should give me about 60 new species.

Where am I going? Well, you'll have to check back here to find out.

I like to keep people in suspense. In fact, I am the originator of the famed "mystery field trip," where I have all of the participants meet at a central location and don't tell them beforehand where we're going birding for the day. It was actually pretty cool, the participants have to trust that you know what you're doing, and that the place you're taking them to will be new and exciting for them, someplace they might not know very well but would want to bird again once they've been there.

Here are a few hints about where I'm going...I have never been there before (I have not been to either the specific location or the region), the location does not have a good recent English field guide, and almost all of the landbirds I see there will be new for me.

Could be exciting...stay tuned!

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