Monday, March 26, 2007

Additional Greetings, Comrades: the cleverness of our plan is quite apparent!

We must continue this tail of our noble efforts to convert the one you call BINAC to our glorious ways.
First we show our superior weaponry:

Not all of our weapons have disintegrated into such a state of disrepair:

Next we take this BINAC on tour of Communist collective farm and cereal factory. It is only one building:

Next we tour Communist Art Museum, and listen to several hours of Yakov Smirnov jokes. We all have laughter from deep in the belly! (Comrade Yakov is currently undercover in American military base called Branson Missouri.)

This Communizing makes a loyal patriot hungry, so we stop at local Communist housing collective called "Red Star on Tower of Water" for quick snack.

Cleanliness standards are quite impressive!

Finally, we go head down main Russian Audobon to city:

There we have great feeding at five-star Marzist restaurant--barbed wire at no additional charge -- and dine on fine CCPizza:

You Amerikans should be paying us to take tour such as this!
However, since the one you call BINAC has not resisted, we must consider more severe methods. Perhaps we may place nails into barrels and put certain persons into barrels and roll certain barrels then down hill into certain river.
Then we will see whether ransom will be paid.
Resistance is feudal--BINAC will soon submit to the lures of Mother Russia!.

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