Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why should you be nice to visiting birders?

Answer tomorrow.

And the answer is: Because that birder may find a stunning first state record bird and report it promptly, just like Missouri birder David Faintich and his group from St. Louis, who found Florida's first White Wagtail this week!

Update: There were some nice photos posted as attachments, but we don't want to steal those, so here is a link to someone who took some of the photos: www.BirdingwithWilf.com Hopefully he will post photos of the White Wagtail soon, but it's a nice site to check out anyway.

The bird is apparently a smoker.


Anonymous said...

Well since I saw this bird its a White Wagtail but the Loggerhead Kingbird should still be called a "apparent Loggerhead Kingbird"

Bill Pranty

Jochen said...

Are there any photos of the White Wagtail and if so, where?

Jochen said...

The bird is apparently a male alba from mainland Europe. This is not unimportant as the different forms of White Wagtail are nowadays mostly considered to merit full species status.
It is however difficult to tell from two pics apparently taken in harsh light conditions, waiting for more...