Monday, March 19, 2007

olivacea R.I.P.

We just noted this message on one of the Florida lists:


I received word this afternoon that long-time Florida birder, Noel Wamer of Jacksonville, passed away Sunday evening. I don't have any other details at this time, but thought those who knew him would want to know. In recent years, Noel kept the birding community updated on spring migratory movement coming north out of Cuba on his "badbirdz blog". The following self-assessment was taken from that blog...I am a grumpy old man who lives in northeast Florida. I have a major interest in birds, especially tracking migration using weather radars. Politically I am a godless liberal, placing me in the most oppressed minority in the world (4.7 percent of the population).

UPDATE: Here is a link to an obituary, with lots of nice comments from birder folks:


Anonymous said...


WOW! Last Sunday I got this email from Noel who posted this on BIRDWG01 on Sunday at 4:11pm and this might of been his last posting about birds before he died. I talked to Noel last September and he told me he was very ill with some personal health issues. Very sad.

Mike Hendrickson


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Noel Wamer
Jacksonville, FL

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Casey said...
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Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

That's right, Casey, we're talking about someone we know that just *died*, but no, we're not annoyed with your spamment about stupid cartoon animal editorials.


(Did we just make up the word "spamment"? Google says no, but since we had never heard of it before we thought of it, we will claim a simultaneous discovery.)

Smilodon said...

R. I. P., Noel, though I didn't know you.