Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dick Hollins IBWO Diary: Day Six--Dick's Friend Finds a Nest!!!

Dear Diary:

I cannot withold my joy, because the world's foremost Ivorybill researcher. ny only equal in this field, is about to announce that he has found an Ivorybill nest. Yes, that's right, my colleague William Smith has reincarnated his web site and has a added a section (details to be added soon, I am sure of it!) on an Ivorybill nest.

Check it out:

Your friend,



Anonymous said...


I can only hope the nest photos are as clear as the photo he took of the female IBWO that was on his site last year. It's such good news the birds are breeding. It's probably best that he doesn't reveal the location though, skeptics might come and cut down the tree just to be proven right!

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep saying "Ivorybill"? I would think that a Yale gradumate would use the proper term "Ivory-billed".