Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stealing from the best.

OK, we are going to steal a story we first saw on another blog, but at least we're stealing from quality blogs. The linked story about a wild Flamingo from the Yucatan meeting up with an escapee Flamingo from Kansas in Louisiana is pretty amazing:

Stolen from Sibley


Oops, that didn't make sense, we posted the wrong link. Here is the real flamingo story. Forget about us posting the LOS link, we're just too lazy.

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Anonymous said...

He's not the best he's a fucking bird painter!!! I hate his ass and I hate you and your wise ass cracking posts about me. I am a MIT graduate and I deserve respect you fucking birder! I hate birders and I hate that fucking bird painter. Damn it I am Mike Collins and I saw several Lord Fucking God Birds and no one gives a rat ass. You fuckin birders will all rot in hell for your ignorance. Fuck you BINAC and your fucking blog!