Wednesday, August 03, 2005

If you think *your* state birding list is entertaining, check out the Missouri list.

In my opinion, most of the better state birding listserves (Texas, Indiana, Illinois, California, etc.) have a moderator or administrator who keeps a pretty close eye on things. The Missouri list, however, is a bit more free-wheeling, and almost always provides some interesting gossip, rumors, flames, whatever. There is some real news on that list right now (photographs of the Royal Tern that had been reported earlier this summer have been reviewed, and most of the original observers no longer believe that the bird in question was a Royal Tern), but the IBWO discussion is pretty entertaining, too. This is the kind of trash talking we want on BINAC!!!!!!!Check it out:


Randi Doeker said...

You aspire to a blog filled with petty, whining, angry comments (to quote the Missouri listserv)????

You need a whole new blog topic. Like something for the Chicagoans who have not yet recovered from the major attack on their sensibilities by the City's traffic managers when they removed one stop light in the middle of a block on a major highway (LSD).

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Actually, I'm glad they took away that stoplight, as are the tens of thousands of Chicagoans who drive LSD every day.

And yes, I think it's pretty to clear to anyone who has been reading this blog that we won't shy away from saying things (or posting things that others have said) that will create controversy.

So if somebody wants to attack the credibility of the reported IBWO sightings, or discuss how to distinguish an aberrant Caspian Tern from a Royal Tern, or just take a poke at some birding-related issue for fun, this is the place.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the MO list serve. There were some good quotes, but I think this one might be my favorite:
" Condescending skepti-snobbery is the modus operandi of many of our
so-called "experts" (and some wannabe's) and the IBWO saga reeks of