Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Possible Blue-footed Booby in Texas?

A FOBINAC ("Friend Of Birding Is Not A Crime") discovered an interesting sulid, possibly a Blue-footed Booby, along the Texas coast this morning. Here at BINAC, we pride ourselves on having more interest in boobies than any other birding blog in the entire world. Our obsession with boobies may be immature, childish, and even insulting, but it is genuine. I haven't seen the photos of this particular booby yet, but it goes without saying that Blue-footed Booby is a pretty good bird for Texas.

UPDATE: I still haven't looked at the photos, but the consensus now appears to be that the bird is a Northern Gannet.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing... I actually found said booby and tried desperately not to turn it into a Brown Booby. Due to lack of anything better to call it, Gannet it is - the heated debate is now over whether its feathers are/were infested with lice or mites. Funny how those debates are. I sure hope the critter ended up in rehab.