Sunday, August 28, 2005

Northerly Island to BINAC: Birders Go Home!

A BINAC crew was keen to discover if the strong warbler migration on the lakefront over the last few days was also occurring at Northerly Island. So, we showed up at about 7:30 this morning to check it out, but we were turned away by the Chicago Police Department, who told us that the whole area east of the Shedd was closed!!!!!

Of course, the large semi-trailer carrying concert equipment to the sold-out Jack Johnson concert (who the hell is that????) was let through.

The score is now Clear Channel Northerly Island Pavilion 2, Birders 0!


Randi Doeker said...

I agree on all counts - including wondering who Jack Johnson is. His concert sold out last spring. I thought he must be in the BINAC generation.

A very helpful action at this point would be for Mr. Binac to call/email his alderman and complain loudly:

Alderman Burton Natarus
Phone: 312-744-3062

While you do not live in the NI ward, you are close enough. I doubt the 2nd Ward Alderman gives a hoot but your Alderman likes to be out there on resident issues.

FYI: Jenny and I met outside the Shedd at 7:30am on Saturday and had no trouble at all. I was telling her that Mr. Binac was at last spring's field trip in Grant Park. She's not a BINAC reader so I'll have to tell her we missed you again. It will certainly give her another chuckle.

Anonymous said...

.... remind me again, what concert was it that BINAC crew members attended in July? Was it a Steve Perry-less Journey? As much as I like Jack Johnson, I will not pay to see him at Northerly Island. I dont want to give the impression that I support NI as a concert venue.
Jill A
(and you guys have NEVER heard the song "Bubble Toes"?? ... as in, "she moves like a jellyfish...". Amazing!)

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Steve Perry is dead to me!

And no, never heard that song.