Monday, December 12, 2005

Credibility. What would you think if I said...

...something like this:
I have seen our nation deteriorate,,the intelligence level is going down, spiraling down and since the development of the world wide web it is more apparent than ever.

For the most part the internet and the public forums are inhabited by almost exclusively two types of people. Stupid and senseless 12-25 year olds that do not step outside of their homes except to smoke weed or dress like vampires and hang out in malls.

The other half are women mostly(and some men) who are grossly overweight and dissatisfied with life. They are on a barrage of medications, usually antidepressants, and are looking for some type of human connection but are so uncomfortable with their bodies and self image that they cannot leave the house.
You might think that I had gone off my rocker, huh? Would it change the way you viewed the rest of my blog? Would change your opinion of this blog? Because here I am, posting on the Internet, whining that everyone on the Internet is stupid and senseless. What if I also said:

Then there is a very small percentage of people who frequent the internet who are intelligent, who are looking for a quick way to transmit intelligent information and dip into the this sick and mentally deranged pool that is known as the worl wide web.

You decide where you fit.

Our society is crumbling quickly.
Our society's health is crumbling quickly.
Our society is becoming obese, sick, and stupid.


Whoa, sounds like I've really gone off the deep end, huh? What the hell am I talking about? Maybe I would continue my rant against fish breeders (seriously) and against society in general:


They only need to supply fish and pet retailers with animals that look colorful and die,,and when they die they give these retarded fat overmedicated people the drama in their life that they feed on,,,it makes most people happy when their pets die,,,so they can go on line and reach out to their forum "friends' and cry and get sympathy.

Just look at all of the ~hugs~ that get thrown around,,,how sick.

I am done with fish, with fish people, with forums,,,,,,,I mean,,how many times can you try to answer the forum post,,,",,my fish has ich,,what do I do?"

How many fucking times has this been answered???????
How many people want to listen to an intelligent answer that will solve the problem? One or two?
The rest do not want an answer,,they want the problem to persist so they will lose the fish and they can complain and cry and take more anti deprresants so they feel needed by an invisible community of losers.


OK, you're still with me so far? I've been acting pretty strangely, huh? One last thing: What if I got tired of ranting against all of the "mentally deranged" people on the "worl wide web" (sic) and decided to start a web site claiming that I had seen not just one but two Ivory-billed Woodpeckers in Florida? And what if I got people all over the world to link to my IBWO site, and talk about my IBWO sightings?

Would my credibility be gone? Or was it, as the Eagles said, already gone?

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