Friday, December 30, 2005

West Pasco CBC Scouting

I did some scouting at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Area today for tomorrow's WPCBC. Things were very slow, the best birds were two Blue-headed Vireos. I need to dust off my vireo identification skills...don't see a lot of vireos in Chicago in December!

I also checked the Courtney Campbell Causeway (I assume this is in the Tampa CBC) and, as always, there were a ton of birds, including 45 American Oystercatchers, and tons of other shorebirds.

Tomorrow I will hopefully blog the results of the WPCBC.

Until then, how many species of shorebirds can you identify in this photo?


Anonymous said...

I see 5 species. Jill

Eric said...

American Oystercatcher
Ruddy Turnstone
Black-bellied Plover
Short-billed Dowitcher

That's an awesome pic, btw.