Thursday, December 29, 2005

Snail Kites and Limpkins.

Well, the CBC situation down here is still a bit uncertain, so after I do the West Pasco CBC on Saturday (I am headed that way tomorrow to scout) I may have to amuse myself for a few days.

I drove around a bit south of Orlando today, and ended up at Brinson Park in Kissimmee again in late afternoon. There were at least eleven Limpkins and two Snail Kites working thee area, along with thousands of American Coots and the usual Bald Eagles, Osprey, etc. The real star of the show was this Limpkin who posed cooperatively right near the parking lot. I also took a few photos of the more "common" species.

And finally, here is a barely recognizable photo of a Snail Kite:

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