Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Record-breaking Day

Yesterday was a record-breaking day for BINAC, we broke our prior record (by four) for the most pages views in a single day, and this was *without* any spambot attacks, and without any significant traffic from links at other sites. Yesterday was also a top-five day for unique visitors.

The Statcounter we use only keeps specific demographic information on visitors for the last 1,000 hits, but you can see the historical numbers all the way back to the first post on July 17. In the last 1,000 hits, we have had visitors from 36 different states, the top ten states from which we have had visitors are, in order, North Carolina, Minnesota, California, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Washington. In the last 1,000 hits, we have had visitors from 23 different countries, the top ten countries are the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, and Japan.

The most popular pages that have not been linked anywhere are the posts on the Imperial Woodpecker and the Night Parrot. The site that sends us the most traffic, by far, is Tom Nelson's IBWO skeptic site. The number of referrals we get from Tom's site exceeds even the traffic we get from the regular I and the Bird blogging carnival, a link from Tom's site usually exceeds the I and the Bird traffic by a multiple of three or four.

The five most popular search terms are "Night Parrot", followed by three variations on "Imperial Woodpecker", followed by two variations of "Azores." The most inexplicable search term was "woods 7500 backhoe attachment located in ohio," but who can forget "australian bushmen masturbation", "federal goverment holiday schedule 2005", and my favorite, "i know we all thought they were extinct but, i swear, i just saw a whole flock of ornithologist".

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