Friday, October 12, 2007

Dick Hollins IBWO Diary: Day Two

Dear Diary:

I continue to be amazed at how ignorant and childish the entire "birding community" can be. We can save a species here and all they're concerned about is posting snarky (that's a big Yale word, I graduated from Yale, you know) comments on stupid Internet blogs. A good example of this childishness is the ignorant and childish comment posted by Cyberthrash in response to Day 1 of my Diary. Well, the best way to deal with a pouting child is to ignore them, so that is what I am going to do.

Cyberthrash, how could you? Your sarcasm is not appreciated. Did you think I was not smart enough to catch that? Well, think again. A Yale-trained sociologist knows sarcasm when he sees it. I thought you were my friend. How many times did we share our dreams of the IBWO while having a latte at that little coffee shop? And you are willing to throw that all away, and for what? Did Popular Mechanics offer to promote your stupid little web site in exchange for you slandering me? Does Tom Nelson (that guy is such a jerk!) have some sort of photos of you in a compromising position? Why have you forsaken me?

Et tu, Judas?

In my next Diary entry, I will get back to the matter at hand: saving the Ivorybill -- and, by proxy, the entire world -- from ignorance and destruction.


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Your words cut deep as I only hope for the best for you. I hear you have bolted video cameras to every square inch of your person. A brilliant idea, I agree that this is the only way to capture the illusive IBWO who flees at the mere mention of any human who owns a field guide. Not that anyone would need a field guide as you and I both know that even a blind person under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms could easily identify an IBWO at a distance of up to a mile in seconds (i.e. milliseconds). They're that unmistakable. What you have mistaken as sarcasm is merely a hope against hope that someone (you) will get the picture that will protect all the habitat that birds will ever need forever and ever amen.