Sunday, August 21, 2005

Field Trip to Northerly Island on October 1.

There will be a DuPage Birding Club field trip to Northerly Island at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 1, 2005.

Those in attendance will be lucky enough to hear the wisdom of BINAC in its full glory, as the head honcho himself will be leading this trip, and a bunch of other BINAC underlings and hangers-on will also be in attendance. This is partially to ensure that if the head honcho gets pushed in front of a bus (or oversleeps), the show will still go on. This trip will be quite entertaining, and we might even see a few birds. More details (including expected species lists) as the date approaches.

NOTE: There will be no poetry on this field trip. That's a totally different Northerly Island trip. All BINAC trips are 100% certified to be poetry-free.


Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Actually, he didn't, the City of Chicago changed the parking at Grant Park and Mr. BINAC had to park his car in Toledo yet still met up with two of the trip particpants and did the best he could considering the circumstances.

Of course, getting the facts straight has never been one of Randi's strong suits (especially not with respect to Northerly Island), so it's not surprising that she would be misinformed on this issue as well.

I will start listening to Red's criticisms about birding field trips when she decides to actually lead one herself. But we all know why that will never happen...

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Never start a war of words with someone who buys ink by the gallon.

Welcome to the jungle, baby!

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Um, ok, I get the Mark Twain reference, but other than that, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Just in case anyone is still reading these comments other than me, there is no requirement that you be a journalist of any type to be protected by the First Amendment. (I knew that First Amendment class would come in handy eventually.) But unless the feds decide they want to shut down my blog, it's irrelevant anyway, because the First Amendment doesn't really protect my free speech rights (or anyone's) from encroachment by another private person, except in some really limited fact situations.

If you're afraid someone will sue you for something you've said on the web, I can give you some referrals that would probably be a bit more credible than Wired magazine.