Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mike Hendrickson's Blog and a Minnesota story.

Some of you may know Mike Hendrickson, a well-known MN birder who has been leading tours in Duluth and surrounding areas for many years. A couple of us hired Mike for a day a few years ago and he was a real hoot! The thing I remember most is that it was like twenty degrees out and everyone is bundled up and Mike is wearing short pants! Classic. We had a pretty crappy day and didn't see too much, but it was still a fun birding day.

That whle trip was pretty entertaining. At one point (not when Mike was with us) our group was at the north end of County Road 2 (I think that's the name) looking (unsuccessfully, as usual) for Spruce Grouse. Anyway, there is a port-o-john there, and since we had been out all morning, and this is pretty much the middle of nowhere without any bathrooms, the group took the opportunity to line up to use the restroom. A car comes screeching up to the intersection, a guy jumps out and runs towards the outhouse, stops when he sees all of us, and says to me: "I didn't think there would be a line here." Before I could say anything, he sprinted back into his car and took off.

Anyway, I guess Mike has a blog now (or he re-started one) and it is, as you would expect, a lot of fun. He slams the author of the BirdChick Blog in one of his posts. Now, I love the Bird Chick, but smack talking is cool, so props to Mike for telling it how he sees it and speaking his mind. There is some important stuff in there about conservations in the Sax-Zim area as well, so anyone who has birded in that area and cares about what happens to it should see what Mike has to say.

So check out Mike's site and blog:

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