Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Run, run Rita!!!

Well, a number of my friends in Houston have already evacuated (some of whom live in the *western* subrubs), and Rita looks like she will be at least a Category 4 hurricane by the time she (it?) makes landfall on Friday.

While this is not good for folks living on the UTC, the current projected post-landfall track is almost perfect for blowing storm birds into Illinois. And, for once, we might get some storm birds on a weekend. Of course, a lot could change between now and the weekend, but we will be watching this storm very closely here at the BINAC World Headquarters.

This is, coincidentally, the weekend of the annual IOS "pelagic" trip to Carlyle Lake. So while that trip (if it is not washed out) has a great chance of providing a Rita-blown pelagic rarity, it also means that many of the better birders in the southern portion of the state will be concentrated in one place, meaning that some other large southern Illinois lakes may be under-birded.

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