Thursday, September 15, 2005

Snipe hunt/rail stomp scheduled for Saturday!

Well, I have regained (nearly) full control of my faculties, thanks to about 12 hours of sleep last night.

And we are happy to announce that there will be an impromptu field trip to Northerly Island this Saturday. Josh Engel came up with the idea (whichI think is a great one), and it came together pretty quickly.

We will meet at the terminal building at 6:30 am on Saturday morning.

Our focus will be on rails, snipe, and sparrows. This is right in the middle of the migration window for Yellow Rails in the fall, so we do have a slim chance of seeing one. The more people we get on the trip, the more territory we'll be able to cover, and we'll have a better chance of seeing rails. Not quite the rail buggy I rode in on a Texas CBC a few years ago, but still pretty cool.

This is the first organized birding trip to N.I., and will be a good dry run for trip I am leading there in early October for the DuPage Birding Club.

So join us for a chance to see Yellow Rail in Illinois.

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