Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Birding Blog Feuds: Mike Hendrickson vs. BirdChick, Round 2!

Well, I don't like to link to very many other birding blogs, especially not to political blogs masquerading as birding blogs, or to product placement sites designed to look like true birding blogs. But I do thoroughly enjoy Mike Hendrickson's blog, and I simply *love* the BirdChick blog. So imagine my sheer pleasure when, sitting in my hotel room in Nashville, I surfed on over to Mike's blog and saw his hilarious attacks on both BirdChick and on Tom Nelson's IBWO site!!! Now, Tom can take care of himself, so I won't address Mike's comments about the IBWO. (Hey Mike, I do know that people at Cornell *are* reading Tom's blog, they even stop by here at BINAC once in a while, too!!!) But I simply CANNOT pass up the chance to disSECT the Hendrickson vs. BirdChick feud. There must be some history there that I don't know about. Anyway, it's not much of a feud yet, because BirdChick has not responded to Mike's posts, so I will try to fan the flames with a cogent and educated legal analysis of Mike's charges against the BirdChick.

First, Mike charges that BirdChick is an overnight success like John Denver. Even though John Denver sucks, I don't think he was an overnight success, and since he's dead and can't defend himelf, I say NOT GUILTY and give BirdChick the victory on this one! SCORE: BIRDCHICK 1, HENDRICKSON O.

Next, Mike accuses BirdChick of being a name-dropper, and of tirelessly self-promoting herself and her web site. I don't know if everything Mike says is true, but I'm gonna vote GUILTY on this one, since the name-dropping is definitely annoying when done by anyone other than myself. SCORE: BIRDCHICK 1, HENDRICKSON 1.

Mike then makes some comments about BirdChick's cleavage and lipstick. I think cleavage is a good thing under just about any circumstance, so even though I find BirdChick GUILTY of having cleavage, I award her one point anyway. You know, because of the cleavage. SCORE: BIRDCHICK 2, HENDRICKSON 1.

The cleavage complaint is followed a general comment about birding being about seeing the birds, and not about publicity or money or stuff like that. I wholeheartedly agree, so this is a GUILTY, one more point to Hendrickson! SCORE: BIRDCHICK 2, HENDRICKSON 2.

Finally, Mike attacks BirdChick's constant references to a pet rodent named Cinnamon . This attack includes a picture of several wascally wabbits strung up on some barbed wire. That's cool, BirdChick is GUILTY, Hendrickson scores another point and wins the match!!!! FINAL SCORE: BIRDCHICK 2, HENDRICKSON 3!!!!!!!

Hendrickson wins this bout, will there be a rematch???????????


l0rd0s3 said...

That's gotta be one of the funniest posts I've ever seen.....

Anonymous said...

It is important to note that Mike is a huge jerk. He is rude, presumptous and incapable of being articulate. He uses double negatives, and is constantly mis-spelling things. He also says a lot of things that smack of sexual harrassment. So that he would dwell on bird-chicks cleavage, and lipstick is a hardly a freaking surprise. It should also be noted that he has huge anger-management problems.
Like most birders he is a sad, worthless speck of human trash, dotting the otherwise beautiful horizon.