Friday, August 11, 2006

BINAC Upstaged by BirdChick

So, every now and then our pal BirdChick (a.k.a. Sharon) stops by and comments on a post. We retaliate by pointing out her blatant and unprovoked theft of moonwalking mannakin story ideas from this site. Now she's gotten us good.

You may remember last year I had an attempted carjacking in front of my building, which gave me the opportunity to observe the Chicago's finest S.W.A.T. team search the parking garage directly opposite from my building.

Well, it took her a while, but BirdChick has managed to top that: She had a bloody samurai swordfight in her apartment building hallway!

I don't know how we will be able to top that unless we another fire in my building, it would have to exceed the 2002 fire that toasted two floor and a couple of firefighters. The firefighters eventually recovered, but unfortunately, the women who allegedly started the fire by smoking in bed did not.

Fingers crossed!

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