Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Plug (unpaid, of course) for Eagle Optics Binoculars.

We just heard the best story from our good friend John da Fisherman.

Remember how John broke his binocluars on a CBC last year, and he then birded for the entire CBC looking through one lens, calling it his "monocular"? Well, he had a lifetime guarantee, so he sent them back and got virtually a new pair from Eagle Optics to replace them.

John was doing a Big Day a few weeks ago with another birder, driving in the Calumet area, when, in John's own words, a "bunch of Mexicans" drove up next to them, and started yelling at them in Spanish and pointing at the roof of their car. (Something similar happened to me in Panama once.) So John has no idea what's going on, but notices that his binoculars are not in the back seat, and looks into the rear view mirror just in time to see his brand-new binoculars bounce down Brainerd Avenue and get run over by a truck...he left them on top of the car!

Even though there was not *any* glass left in the binoculars, Eagle Optics still agreed to replace them again--that's a great warranty policy for anyone who wants to buy their in-house brand of binocs.

But the funniest part of the story is that John went to the local UPS outlet and shipped the trashed binoculars back to Eagle Optics in the same box he got them in, but the clerk gave him back all three packing slips. So...you guessed it...he gets his own broken binoculars (that he shipped to himself!) back in the mail two days later!

Funny stuff.

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