Wednesday, August 16, 2006

POLL: Ten Places Every Birder Should Visit Before They Die, Continental U.S./Canada Only (ie no Alaska/Hawaii)

It's been a while since we had a poll here, so I think this will be our next poll question: Top Ten places to go birding before you die. I'll try to set up the poll so that we can get the final results in order. So keep coming for your suggestions for the top 25 or 30 spots, and those places will all be choices in the poll.

See the comments to the original thread below for more details. Place your nominations in the comments here or in the other thread.

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Anonymous said...

Outer Banks, North Carolina. Good shorebirds, terns, and migrants (Pea Island et al), Alligator River NWR (Prothos, Swainson's, R-B Nut, and lots of other southern specialties, plus Black Bears, Red Wolves, Otters, and fantastic reptiles and amphibians), Palmetto Peartree Preserve (great Red-cockaded colony), the best pelagic birding on the East Coast, Black Rail calling at Manteo/Wanchese, plus the history of several lighthouses and Kitty Hawk.