Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, I'm sitting in the airport in Pittsburgh...

...and it's a nice airport, but you tend to get tired of it after about, oh, six hours.

And since I spent about ten hours sitting in a conference room at the airport Hyatt earlier in the day, I have about had my full of Pitsburgh and am ready to go home.

But at least they have free wireless here.

So maybe I will have enought time to resurrect some of the "lost" posts that I never had the time to finish.

The first post to this blog was on July 1, 2005. I had planned to do a one-year anniversary post, but didn't have the time. Right now we're at 17,183 hits and counting.

Not bad for a stupid little birding blog. Here is a brief excerpt from one fo the posts from that first day:

4) Why are people spreading rumors that there are doubts about the identity of the bird that has been spotted in Arkansas? Are there any serious birders or professional ornithologists who have (or will) question the identification of "Elvis"? And why was Jerome A. Jackson, arguably the world's foremost expert on the Ivory-bill, not involved in the search or recovery team? Has he made any public comments since the species was re-discovered?
Not a bad prediction for the first day, eh?
BINAC out.

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