Sunday, August 20, 2006

"SUE ME Guppie Man"

Well, Mr. Guppy (or "Guppie") has now taken down his IBWO photo and inserted a handwritten scrawl that says "SUE ME Guppie Man":

Not sure if this is an acknowledgement that the whole site was a hoax or what, but it sure is pretty funny.

Cyberthrush keeps on hinting on his IBWO site that there will be good news on the IBWO front in the near future. We sure hope that this is true, and we hope that whoever is involved will do the "right" thing to protect any birds that may still exist, but we *especially* hope that Mr. Guppy is somehow involved.

P.S. The contest is still open.


Anonymous said...

Yes there will be some news coming out Florida and the news might hit the internet during or after the AOU meeting in Mexico. IF this presentation is indeed presented at the AOU meeting then watch out. If you thought the Cornell odeal in Arkansas was big news just wait till this new discovery in Florida is released. It's HUGE! Also William Smith and Mike Collins are not involve with this new discovery.

Stay tune ---

Birding is NOT a crime!!!! said...

Well, let's hope so.

I've heard some rumors about Florida as well but no one is willing to "admit or deny." Which could mean something is up or could just mean they're getting sick of answering my e-mails.

Or both.

Anonymous said...

I been hearing the same thing and this is what I am hearing.

1. NINE pairs of IBWOs have been found in Florida in the panhandle section of Florida. These birds were found along some remote river. Also this location was not even listed as a potential IBWO location but the habitat is perfect for IBWOs.

2. A Georgia University graduate student has been studying these birds for some time. This study MIGHT be presented at the AOU meeting in Mexico. No one knows for sure but the rumor is that the presentation will be at the AOU meeting. Hence possibly reason why some Cornell people close to the IBWO topic are in attendance.

3. Rumor also has it that all the photos taken of these birds are not very good, which will open the door once again for months of debate regarding the identity of these woodpeckers.

4. Outside birders/researchers who knew about this study have visited and searched the area and found nothing. The area is supposedly filled with alligators, snakes, lots of mosquitos and other insects. Which might be the reason why they failed in finding any IBWOs in this area.

5. The only other person who has seen some of these IBWOs is the graduate student's professor.

Since so many other birders on Bird Forum have heard the same thing as I, I thought I just spill the beans and be more informative on what the rumor is all about.

Let games begin!

Bill Pulliam said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, judging from what I've read from both Bill Smith and the seemingly anonymous owner of this blog, I'm inclined to believe Bill Smith's assertion that it was BINAC rather than Bill Smith who posted the "SUE ME Guppie Man" sign on Bill Smith's website. Nothing on this blog has convinced me that the owner is an innocent victim.