Friday, August 11, 2006

Jacana invasion continues in South Texas

A second Northern Jacana has shown up in Texas, this time at Bentsen. (If you don't know where or what "Bentsen" is, this is probably not the blog for you. Hey, that could be a neat future post--ten places/things every birder should know.)

A couple members of the BINAC posse have been trying to get down to Texas to see one of these birds (and maybe pick up a Flamingo to boot) but the airfare is in the $600 range, and recent world events have put a bit of a damper on the BINAC flight schedule anyway. So we'll see.

Assuming the airline situation settles down a bit, the next BINAC trips are the regular Central Florida run set for the last weekend in August, followed by a three-day Labor Day Weekend birding blitz to hopefully catch a lingering Aztec Thrush at Madera. (Madera--that's number two on the list of places that all U.S. birder should know.)

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Bill Pulliam said...

Only ten? That is a challenge. Hmmm....