Sunday, August 20, 2006

The end of a era -- "Guppie Man" retires!!!

Oh man, we could *not* make this stuff up ourselves. Now I have to give "William Smith" or "William Franks" or whatever his real name is some credit. When his story starts to fall apart, he pretends like he's getting crank phone calls, and when no one buys that, he actually messes with his own web site and blames us for it! He has also "enhanced" the crank phone call aspect of the story: First the phone company told him the call was from Illinois. Now that has morphed into Cingular giving him the number and he called and talked to the guy's wife and the guy has a kid and he is a birder and *yawn*. And the best part is he's actually blaming some guy named "Wompoo Dove" for giving out his number. Bloody brilliant if you ask me. This ought to put the IBWO geeks into a lather for days!!!! I'm beginning to think our dear Mr. Guppy has a sense of humor after all.

Here, in all its glory, is his (at least second, just like Michael Jordan) "farewell" post from BirdForum:


Warning,,do not read this if you don't like frivolous whining. I am beat. I am done. I tried, because I was asked to, to share information. I expected to be criticized, I expected to be laughed at, but I genuinely wanted to create an atmosphere where information could be shared openly.Birding is not a crime has put an invitation to harass me, awarding points to people for getting a response from me. I ignored it like I was told. So the phone calls started. I have no idea how the number was aquired, it is not in my name and I only shared it with one person in here, Wompoo Dove. I had/have no reason to doubt his sincerety. The phone calls started less than 12 hours after I gave him the number via PM. My caller ID did not identify the number. Cingular gave me the number, I called it, I spoke to a woman who said she had a teenage son and a husband. The caller was a grown man. She said he liked birds. I told her that I wouldn't persue it if the calls stopped and they did. Now my website has been hacked. I found out about it today. And of course Birding is not a crime has posted the dirty work on his site. Birding is not a crime and I'm quite sure hacking is a crime. I will find the ISP that did this. And I will pursue it. And he is a jerk for publicly inciting this harassment. And he has actually said that I DID THAT TO MY SITE. He is the lowest form of dirt as far as I am concerned. So now he will post this on his site as well. I am done. I am done here, so ban me again. I have no stamina left. Hacking a site is illegal and it has pushed me over the edge. I am a grown man and I would never consider treating another human being this way. I have been being hounded by this person for 5 months at least. I have done nothing to him to instigate it. He managed to instigate a response on here late one evening and I am sorry for that. But I have done nothing. He has instigated his followers to engage in illegal activity and I will soon have the culprit. I am done. Bill


Anonymous said...

This is way to funny! I been chiming in your blog this whole week and it's by far the most entertaining birding blog on the internet! Congrats for pissing off William Smith aka "Mr. Guppy".

I am sure he is just pissed off, embarrassed and wished he never posted the photo of the female IBWO decoy. He tried so hard to convince everyone its the the real deal and instead he was exposed as a fraud. Guppy shouldn't be pissed off at you, he should blame himself for getting on Bird Forum and advertising his website. He should blame himself for gathering all this attention to himself with that photo he took of a IBWO decoy. He should also blame himself for forgetting to paint in some pupils on the eyes.

Maybe Mr. Guppy did all this for greed and fame with that photo he posted on his website. Maybe he was hoping some financial gain would come out of it if he announced on the internet he has a photo of a IBWO? Why would anyone post photos of a decoy and try to convince others its the real deal? That is weird.

Now birders or so-called birders on Bird Forum are standing up for this man and trying to convince others that those photos are the real deal. That is entertaining reading!

Then you have Mike Collins with his MIT degree trying to convince birders that he knows Ivory-bills better than Cornell researchers. The same Mike Collins who has been only birding for 10 years and has stated on his website that he knows all the bird calls in North America! I just viewed his new released frames on his website and if you look at all the frames they look like a quilt. These frames show nothing and his arrows points to nothing. But there he is on Bird Forum insisting they are IBWOS! He even posted on Bird Chat trying to drum up some support on his frames and so far no one has replied nor cared what Mike has to say about IBWOs or his website. Mike if you are reading this entry awww NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PEARL RIVER BIRDS, YOUR SHITTY PHOTOS, YOUR POOR VIDEO, YOUR FRAMES AND YOUR JOURNAL!

For example, when ID Frontiers ( where the top birders hang out at )were discussing the Luneau video a while back, someone brought up your website and your video. Only 1-2 birders spoke about it and their comments were like the rest of the birding community comments, WE DO NOT SEE A IBWO! WE SEE A DARK BIRD ON A TREE! That is not proof, math boy!

This IBWO topic is getting weirder each day and with characters like Mr Guppy and Mike Collins!

Anonymous said...

You were onto this awfully fast. What do you know that you haven't shared with us about Bill Smith having done this himself? Why are you so cock sure? Enjoy your gloating; a lot of people now see your true character.

Anonymous said...

Is Mr. Guppy saying that Mr. Binac has computer-hacking skills? It's a little confusing. (But we all do need our off-season hobbies.)

Anonymous said...

MR. AXOLOTYL, you are obviously desperate for attention. "Look at me, look at me, look what I have done! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!" You can't make the headlines by finding a rare bird, so you look for a puppy to kick around.

Anonymous said...

This is so lame, Axolotyl. Obviously, you or one of your cronies pulled the stupid stunt. Anyone can see through your bullish charade.